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A Review of Katie

  • September 11, 2012

Last night, I tuned into watch Katie Couric’s new daytime TV show — Katie!

Side note: I’ve had this unhealthy obession with Katie — I don’t know why — maybe it’s because we’re both from the South? I dunno. I was actually heartbroken when I got my internship at TODAY in 2008 and Katie just happen to leave the wildly popular morning news show to take a new gig at CBS just a few months before I got there. So sad.

But back to her current project, Katie.

It began with an uber-cheesy video package with Katie sleeping in a twin bed dreaming about her next career move — a daytime TV show. Then, next to her pops out “her work husband” Matt Lauer telling Katie it’s time to start the show — it’s not a dream.

Then some snazzy transitions begin. Katie’s colors are light blue and a orange-ish color. Looks cute. I approve.

In her intro, she began a little stiff. I was expecting her to be a bit more loose because that’s the type of persona she had during TODAY. She talks about her family, her career, and then what the show will be about — ”meet interesting people and talk about things that matter.” Eh — we will see about that.

The thing that really bother me about her introduction was the zillion camera turns she made while giving this speech that she was totally reading off a TelePrompTer. Yawn!

First up on Katie’s couch was quadruple threat — music, dancer, actress, and businesswomen — Jessica Simpson. *Womp… womp*


Who are Katie’s bookers and senior producers — that allowed this travesty to happen!? I could see Jessica Simpson as a guest like later in her show — much, much later.

Another Side note: Jessica and I grew up near the same town in North Texas. And I did like her earlier stuff — “I think I’m in love with you” — anybody?

But c’mon!? The 2012 Jessica isn’t cool anymore. She’s got a baby – Yay for babies! And is engaged – Lame! The most compelling think going on for her is her $5 million Weight Watchers contact. Next!

Katie dedicated like half the show to getting to know what Jessica’s most grueling part of losing her “baby fat” and something called slutty brownies — no joke!

I just expected more from Katie. 🙁

Her second guest is someone I don’t necessarily care for — Sheryl Crow, apparently one of Katie’s “closes friends”. Who knew? But at least she’s won Grammys and even wrote Katie’s theme song, “This Day”.

Also, this was the first time you really got to see Katie loosen up. She joked about having a “girl crush” on Sheryl — so cute! The most interesting part of the interview when Sheryl talked about working with Michael Jackson.  Sheryl was a backup singer for him and coincidentally the “I’m Bad Tour” DVD — which shows Sheryl rockin’ some old school hair — comes out this week. Enjoy!

At the end, I believe Katie will get to a point where she’s comfortable with her viewers. That’s why I’ve started to DVR the show. Plus, she totally teased the heck out of her “exclusive” with Heidi Klum on Wednesday.

Def watching that.

Until next time … Auf Wiedersehen!

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