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“The Cycle” Segment – The Twitter Election

  • October 15, 2012

The 2012 Election should be now dubbed “The Twitter Election!” No joke. The power of 140 characters has never been stronger. The first 90-minute Presidential debate between President Obama & fmr Gov. Romney drew in 10.3 million tweets, 3.5 million were sent during the showdown between Vice President Biden & Rep. Ryan, and 7.2 million tweets were sent during the most recent townhall Obama/Romney debate. In total, when you factor in the conventions, 34 million tweets have been sent talking about politics! That’s amazing… people have a real-time conversation about real world problems (not the latest on Real Housewives of whatever or American Idol).

Take a look at this segment I produced the day before the Hofstra¬†University Presidential townhall debate with Twitter’s head of government, news, and social outreach Adam Sharp (@AdamS). It was a great conversation about the impact this 6-year old company is having on the U.S. political system. Take a look.

Check out Twitter’s Political Index, a daily measurement of sentiment of Twitter’s users feelings about Obama & Romney.

Also, take a look at #debates page, Twitter’s 2012 debate dashboard, which give you an insider perspectives and opinions on the presidential debates.

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