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JCE’s BLOG: A weekend trip to New York City resets my broadcasting career

  • December 7, 2015

It’s the place many view as the top of the world: NEW YORK, NY.

It’s the capitol of finance, culture, fashion, and mass media – just to name a few.
 While NYC is all those things it’s also one of my homes.

It’s where my best friend, my “adopted” parents & countless friends/mentors live. Also, where I had a great career as a news producer any twenty-something would thoroughly enjoy (and I did, go check my Instagram). 

But two years ago, I left NYC behind to try out something new: News Anchor. 

In those 24+ months, I’ve seen my decision fulfill my life in so many ways – career & personal.

I’ve also added along the way interim News Director, Managing Editor & university professor to my resume. Titles that I didn’t ask for but were assigned because of my previous work in New York & Washington, DC.

However, it took my weekend trip to the Big Apple to get a chance to focus on the next step forward.

I watched my best friend, Brian Nerkowski, oversee & produce a newscast from the NBC/MSNBC Headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Center, my old stomping grounds. I reconnected with old co-workers & friends in & around the building. And met the two people who’ll work hard to get me – one day – back at 30 Rock with one or two stops along the way.

In the meantime, I’ll have my friends & family keep my seat warm at the top of the world: NEW YORK, NY.

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